Welcome to the new home of the Yerf Historical Archive!

What's this Yerf thing? Why should I care?

Yerf was an image gallery and artistic community operating from 1996 to December 2004, when it suffered a fatal disk crash. While no official backups were available, several users had copies of the galleries from prior to the site's demise; the Archive was constructed from these.    Yerf was restored to operation in 2005-6, but ultimately abandoned in March 2007. Further history can be found on WikiFur and the Yerf LJ.

The archive consists of almost 50,000 all-ages pictures by over 600 artists, totalling 4.5GB; as a reviewed-entry gallery, many works are of a high quality. Yerf was a key art community in its time, and many Yerf artists have gone on to successful careers inside and outside the fandom.

What's changed? What's staying the same?

The look and feel of the site has changed, and it has moved to yerf.metafur.org. We're trying to keep all underlying page URLs the same, so you can just change the domain name if you link here.

Requests to withdraw some or all of an artist's own work or related descriptions will be honoured. Conversely, artists who have made an explicit request for display will be featured on the new site.

The galleries of those who have expressed no preference will be available, unless we hear from the artist concerned. This is a change from prior policy, but seems the most reasonable way to present what is now a part of our history.

I don't want my work up here!

The Archive respects the wishes of copyright-holders; just give us the word, and it's gone. If your issue is with certain files or descriptions, we will be glad to handle them on a case-by-case basis.

I don't mind my art being up as long as people know where to get the new work

Sounds great! We'd be glad to add a brief header containing links to your current galleries and your home page, or another means of contact. (You might also consider linking to the Archive from your current sites.)

How can I get my art into the Archive?

If you were a Yerf artist, your past artwork should already be on display. If you had previously withdrawn it, we would be glad to reinstate it, in part or in whole; just let us know.

The Yerf Historical Archive does not seek to compete with modern art communities, and is not accepting applications or new submissions. Consider Inkbunny, Weasyl, SoFurry, deviantART or Fur Affinity, each of which offers different features and serves a different user base.

I was on ArtSpots. Help get my work back?

The Yerf Historical Archive is a separate collection. You might try contacting ArtSpots' former maintainer.

I know Yerf. I don't know you. Who are you? Why should I trust you to take care of the Archive?

I (GreenReaper) am the founder of WikiFur, the furry encyclopedia, which I launched in 2005 and migrated from Wikia in 2009. I'm also lead administrator of Inkbunny, and editor-in-chief of furry news/features magazine Flayrah, which I acquired and relaunched in January 2010.

The Archive is hosted in coordination with Timduru, who also provides hosting for WikiFur and Flayrah, and other furry sites. We've both been fans for quite a while (though perhaps not as long as some of the Archive's featured artists), and we're not looking to disappear anytime soon.